A complete list of our software products:

See also: hardware for Phiplastic systems.

System functionality can be flexibly configured to meet specific requirements, so our customers do not overpay for features they do not need. On the other hand, buying the system for some purposes, clients are able to use it for other purposes, at no extra cost. Demo version of our software has many features of the commercial systems, which allows in some cases to obtain the required functionality for free.

Field System purpose Configuration Price
Photomasks inspection Inspection
Inexpensive photomask inspection Gold
PCB inspection Inspection, Gold, Match, Color
Inexpensive PCB inspection Gold, Match, Color
Free PCB inspection Pictor Free
PCB vectoring Vector, Gold, Color
Inexpensive PCB vectoring Gold, Color
Ceramic sheets inspection (LTCC) Inspection, Gold, Color
Inexpensive ceramic sheets inspection Gold, Color
Solder paste inspection Match, Gold, Color
Component placement inspection Match, Gold
Inexpensive component placement inspection Match
Free component placement inspection Pictor Free
Comparison of drawings and schemes Gold
Comparison of documents Match, Gold
Comparison of arbitrary images Pictor Free
Free optical measurements system Pictor Free

Phiplastic can be integrated into other software and hardware systems. This has the following advantages:

  • End users can improve automation near Phiplastic installations.
  • System integrators can create final products based on Phiplastic and specialized imaging hardware.

See also: application areas of Phiplastic systems.