Production of PCB

For PCB makers we offer optical inspection systems, systems for vectoring and optical measurements systems. Our products allow to detect defects in PCB, restore the drawings by the finished board, as well as to perform precise optical measurements of object size and position.

Our solutions for PCB makers can be used at any stage of the production process - from photomasks to finished products. Extreme flexibility allows the same software to be used as several specialized systems.

Solutions price depends on the required automation degree:

  • entry-level configurations (based on Gold) require more human intervention;
  • advanced configurations (based on Inspection) provide better performance and inspection reliability.

Typical Phiplastic inspection system for PCB production is a computer and a flatbed scanner. It is also possible to use specialized equipment to obtain images. The software reads the billet image, performs its pre-processing, matches with the standard and displays defects for comfortable navigation. Examples of defects:

Wire width tolerance violation
Wire break

Main features of Phiplastic systems:

  • does not require expensive equipment, eliminates large-scale investments with non-obvious result;
  • system can be adjusted to any contrast colors of materials;
  • standard image is imported from a CAD/CAM-system, or generated from a scanned image of the finished product (the "golden" board);
  • inspection tolerances can be specified in many ways.

Inspection results can be saved in the following forms:

  1. simplified report, suitable for printing, includes a list of defects with coordinates and images;
  2. complete electronic report viewable on other computers by our free Pictor software;
  3. XML-file that can be used in higher-level automation and statistical process control systems.

The list of detected defects depends on the configuration (Gold or Inspection).

User interface is ergonomic and optimized to perform inspection operations in a large volume. System setup is quick and does not require any deep knowledge. High-quality documentation is provided, which has a minimal sufficient, so that the initial study takes 2-3 days. We also offer education courses which takes the same time.

The main stages, where Phiplastic systems are used:

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