PCB Assembly

To improve production quality PCB assembly units are equipped with optical inspection systems (AOI). Phiplastic automates detection of SMT and THT component placement errors, as well as defects of solder paste. Differences between images of the inspected product and the standard are presented to the user. In components placement inspection the image of "golden board" is used as the standard. In solder paste inspection standard image is usually imported from a CAD/CAM-system.

Phiplastic inspection system for PCB assembly is a computer and an image input device. Depending on the type of inspected products, as well as the required accuracy and performance, the best source of images can be digital camera, flatbed scanner, or specialized input device. Selection of the optimal inspection method also depends on the task.

In addition to the defects of bare boards that can be detected in the initial stages of assembly with Inspection and Gold, Phiplastic Match allows to detect defects of the following types:

  • missing part;
  • wrong part;
  • reversed polarity;
  • part shift;
  • part alignment;
  • chip tombstoning;
  • extra object.
Missing part
Wrong part

Also can be detected when visible:

  • insufficient solder;
  • excessive solder;
  • solder bridges;
  • solder balls;
  • lifted leads.

It is possible to inspect the entire surface of the board, or just selected areas. This is useful if the board does not fit in the field of view entirely, or is required to inspect critical fragments in a higher resolution, or at a different angle.

The main stages where Phiplastic systems work: