Optical Measurements

Phiplastic allows performing accurate measurements of visible objects in plane and, under certain conditions in space. All basic measurement functionality, including the geometrical calibration, is included to Phiplastic Pictor free application. This allows turning any flatbed scanner or digital camera to precise optical measurements system, absolutely free.

Here are a few examples of optical measurement systems application:

  • coordinate measuring machine for microelectronics production;
  • cartography, processing of satellite and aerial photographs;
  • scientific and applied research in biology, medicine and other fields (read more).

After adequate calibration, the accuracy of measurements is comparable to a pixel size - 5 microns for modern flatbed scanners. When working with a digital camera the pixel size is determined by the used optics and can vary widely.

Measuring of dimensions
Measuring of the pads clearance

When measuring the width of contrast objects with parallel edges, such as printed wires, the accuracy is measured in fractions of a pixel. This is possible due to averaging of a large number of elementary measurements that the system automatically performs in the area specified by the user. Also minimum and maximum are displayed, which is useful, for example, when measuring clearance (see figure above).

See also: other applications of Phiplastic systems.