Our history

Our team began development of machine vision systems in the late 1990s in one of the institutions of the RAS. Aplite inspection system is our first product. It works with flatbed scanners, and allows overlaying images of PCB with vectorial standard and revealing small differences in these images. Aplite's algorithms served as a basis for scientific publications, but real industrial applications required a brand-new system with better algorithms.

In 2006 our team has become a commercial company, and in 2008 a new system called Phiplastic was released. Unlike its predecessor, the Phiplastic system is based on computational geometry algorithms, specially designed by our specialist for machine vision applications. Phiplastic software has the highest performance, reliability and accuracy that allow using it in complex industrial conditions.

Our software is evolving rapidly, but in terms of equipment, we are more conservative. Before 2010 all our products were based on flatbed scanners. In 2010 we've added the ability to work with digital cameras and provided integration with some PCB inspection machines, such as AOI Systems products. Nevertheless, we continue to specialize in software that allows saying with confidence: Phiplastic is the cheapest automated optical inspection system in the market.

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